2. Personal 3D/2D Art

Space Soldier Helmet

Tri Count: 1979  Poly Count: 1095  Vertex Count: 1132

I wanted to create a unique looking asset to a high quality in under 2000 tris, rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

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Cheytac M200

Tri Count: 11589  Poly Count: 6104  Vertex Count: 6048

I wanted to create quite a complicated looking gun but I didn’t want to create something which has been commonly modelled on the internet, I also wanted a gun that could have detachable parts that would transform the look of the gun. After some deliberation I chose the M200, I produced 3 texture sets (camo, digital and sand pattern) for the weapon as you can see in the renders and I have made some useful steps forward when it comes to generating normal maps from 2D images in photoshop which really helped when I had to create indentations in the weapon.

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Pocket Watch Prop – Real Time Marmoset Renders

I gave myself the task of producing a high-poly prop which looked realistic whilst rendering in real time, I chose to create a pocket watch because even though a pocket watch would consist of quite complex geometry it would be quick and easy to make.

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After a bit of C scripting in Unity I managed to animate the hands of the watch so that they correctly represented time.


Crash Landing

This UE4 environment is inspired by the work of Tor Frick, the entire environment uses a single 256×512 RGB(A) texture which stores everything required from the normal map to the opacity map as illustrated below.

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WIPMaterial WIPTexture


Triumph TR4 (Final Year Project)

Below is a short video featuring a Triumph TR4 which I created for my Final Year Project, I managed to get the car working in GTA San Andreas as a mod and in the Unity engine, for a detailed look at the project’s development see the University Final Year Project tab at the top of the page.



(Unity Implementation)


(GTA San Andreas Implementation)

Assassin’s Creed Ninja

As a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series I decided to produce a main protagonist but in a different era, the series has yet to feature a ninja as a protagonist which is surprising considering they are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about an Assassin so for that reason I chose to create a ninja. Every hero in the franchise has their signature weapon e.g. in Assassin’s Creed III the protagonist is often seen wielding a tomahawk, with this character I have chosen the legendary flying guillotine but because the weapon is impractical to carry I have made the chest armour double up as a mount for the weapon.

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Tifosi Coupe

As I love creating vehicles and I hadn’t created one in a while I began looking for inspiration, having limited experience with plastic materials and a desire to make a vehicle which was different to the norm I began work on the Tifosi Coupe, a Cozy Coupe-like car heavily modified to look like a Ferrari racing car. I’m particularly pleased with the shape sculpted into the front of the car as not only does it add something to what would be a flat, boring surface but it is reminiscent of the Ferrari World building in Abu Dhabi.


The Lost Wolf

A small environment piece created with a mouse in Photoshop.


Scarface (Vice City Style)

Inspired by the concept art of some of the old GTA games I decided to recreate Tony Montana in the GTA Universe.


Fighter Blast Off

After recently downloading ZBrush this fighter jet was created to test my workflow, I went back and forth between 3ds Max and ZBrush and although I ran into a few topology problems I’m happy with it but more importantly I’ve gained more experience with ZBrush and modelling/sculpting techniques in general.